What to do in Los Cabos with the kids

Mexico is internationally famous for its beautiful beach destinations, and one of the most exclusive is Los Cabos in Baja, California Sur. This paradisiacal site has multiple attractions for children and adults. We recommend a series of activities you can do in Los Cabos with the kids. You will enjoy them to the fullest in the company of your family! What to do in Los Cabos with the kids?

Los Cabos is one of the five municipalities of the state of Baja California Sur. The municipal seat is San José del Cabo and 32 kilometers away is Cabo San Lucas. Together they make up one of our country’s most important tourist areas. A dream place full of magic.

What to do in Los Cabos with the kids?

In Los Cabos, there are so many wonders you will not be able to cope with. You need several days to discover them, and even then, you will still have things to see; you will want to return!

Go to its majestic beaches

The beaches of Los Cabos are spectacular and with transparent water. Some of the most famous are Las Viudas, Playa Chileno and Playa Costa Azul, perfect for surfing. Now, if what you want are quiet beaches to go with the children, you can visit:

Médano Beach

A beautiful beach with light waves and fascinating sunsets with an arch in the background. The sand is white and soft; the sea has a spectacular turquoise color and is the starting point for many activities in the area.

Médano Beach. Photo: Wikimedia Commons
What to do in Los Cabos with the kids: Médano Beach. Photo: Wikimedia Commons

Love beach

Love Beach and The Arch are probably the most iconic places in Baja California Sur. It is the meeting point between the Sea of Cortez and the Pacific Ocean. The tranquility of its currents will invite you to cool off and walk along the shore.

It is located between two granite rock formations. It is a small and isolated area near The Arch. To get to it, you must take a water taxi from Medano Beach to the other side of the bay.

Love beach. Photo: Wikimedia Commons
Love beach. Photo: Wikimedia Commons

Santa Maria Beach

It is one of the most beautiful beaches in Los Cabos due to its horseshoe shape and its fine, pink sand. It has a family and quiet atmosphere; the waves are very calm and crystal clear waters, perfect for children. On this beach, you can do water activities such as diving and snorkeling to see the variety of fish on the shores.

It is located at Kilometer 11 of the Cabo San Lucas – San José del Cabo tourist corridor. If you travel by car from Cabo San Lucas, it will take you about 15 minutes.

Santa Maria Beach. Photo: Facebook Yadhira Zepeda
Santa Maria Beach. Photo: Facebook Yadhira Zepeda

Palmilla Beach

It´s a quiet beach surrounded by coves (smaller than a bay). It is located in a luxurious residential area where many celebrities choose to stay. A perfect place to spend the day with the family, see the fishing boats or have a picnic with your little ones.

In addition to these beautiful beaches with calm waves for your children, we recommend you allow yourself to visit Cabo Pulmo and Playa del Divorcio, the first is a wonder of nature, and the second is the complement to Playa del Amor.

Legend has it that a local woman rescued a Japanese sailor, and they fell in love on the beach of love; one day, the young woman’s father killed her boyfriend, and she took her own life on the beach of divorce.

Palmilla beach. Photo: Facebook SUP Palmilla Beach
Playa Palmilla
Photo: Facebook SUP Palmilla Beach

Attractions in Los Cabos if you have children

Get on a camel

How about going on a safari and having your children ride a camel… During the tour, they can walk along the beach, enjoy nature and even learn to make tortillas. This tour can be booked at Cabo Adventures.

Camel ride. Photo: Facebook Cabo Adventures
Camel ride. Photo: Facebook Cabo Adventures

Swimming with dolphins

All children love to swim with dolphins. They are tender and playful mammals that will make the day memorable. Many sites offer this option, for example, Dolphin Encounter, Dolphin Swim Adventure, Dolphin Discovery Los Cabos, or Dolphin Royal Swim.

Swimming with dolphins
Swimming with dolphins. Photo: Facebook Dolphin Discovery Los Cabos


If your little ones are old enough to use a snorkel, they will enjoy this experience to the fullest. Some tours, in addition to snorkeling, include a sailboat ride and stand-up paddle boarding. It is also available at Cabo adventures.

Snorkel. Photo: Facebook Cabo Adventures
Snorkel. Photo: Facebook Cabo Adventures

Los Cabos Adventure Park

It´s an ecotourism park and animal sanctuary with endless activities: zip lines, ATVs, camel rides, short zip lines, rappelling, a suspension bridge… All framed by an exuberant view.

Zipline. Photo: PxHere
Zipline. Photo: PxHere

San José Estuary and Bird Sanctuary

A sanctuary where you can watch the birds and enjoy their sounds, a beautiful oasis that will leave your little ones impressed.

San José Estuary and Bird Sanctuary.
San José Estuary and Bird Sanctuary. Photo:  Facebook Las maravillas de México

Translated by: Ligia M. Oliver Manrique de Lara

Spanish version: Here

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