The most popular names in Mexico

You surely remember. Those of us who were born in the twentieth century commonly have a cousin called María, Guadalupe, Carmen or Juanita. Every family had a cousin named José, Jorge, Víctor or Miguel. If we go further back, grannies were usually named Raquel, Francisca, Sara… Apparently, Mexicans have change their likes for names. Panchitas and Margaritas are gone. These are the favorite names in our country in the 21st century: The most popular names in Mexico.

The Inegi updates its list of common names in Mexico

The National Institute of Statistics and Geography (Inegi) released the updated information of the registration of continental and island geographical names for statistical and geographical purposes.

The most highlighted data about the Mexican society, which is included in that registry, was how Mexicans named their babies in 2020.

The information was published through the site Cuéntame Mexico which also contains birth figures in our country and general information on its population and entities.

According to the survey during 2020, 1,629,211 births were registered in Mexico, of which 49% are women and 51% are men.

In recent years the birth rate has decreased: 2.5 million births were registered in 2011; in 2020 the figure is 1.6 million, which means a reduction of more than 900 thousand birth records.

September is the month with the highest number of births:

What are the most popular names in Mexico?

In the previous study, of 2019, Julio Alfonso Santaella Castell, president of the Inegi Governing Board, shared at the time that names such as Abdy, Scarlett and Zyanya were on the rise because at that time more than 30 thousand records were found. In the same year, the official added, more than 190 thousand of boy names were found in birth records, including several Zidane.

At that time the most registered names for girls were Sofia, Valentina, Refina, María José, Ximena, Camila, María Fernanda, Valeria and Victoria. As for children the trend was Santiago, Mateo, Sebastián, Leonardo, Matías, Emiliano, Diego, Daniel, Miguel Ángel and Alexander.

How are we now? Let’s see what the latest report shows:

The most common names for girls

  1. 1Sofía (con 30,154 registros)
  2. María José (23,848)
  3. Valentina (23,545)
  4. Ximena (23,227)
  5. Regina (22,604)
  6. Camila (20,412)
  7. María Fernanda (18,800)
  8. Valeria (17,842)
  9. Renata (17,063)
  10. Victoria (16,544)
  11. Natalia (14,946)
  12. Daniela (14,188)
  13. Isabella: (13,659)

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The most common names for boys

  1. Santiago (46,943)
  2. Mateo (35,482)
  3. Sebastián (25,554)
  4. Leonardo (23,687)
  5. Matías (21,953)
  6. Emiliano (20,863)
  7. Diego (20,005)
  8. Miguel Ángel (18,558)
  9. Daniel (17,928)
  10. Alexander (16,491)
  11. Alejandro (16,093)
  12. Jesús (14,896)
  13. Gael (14,392)

As we see there are slight variations but the top names remain at the top of both lists. If you want to consult the complete list we leave you the page of the  Inegi.

Which do you like? How would you name your baby?

Translated by: Ligia M. Oliver Manrique de Lara

Spanish version

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