The Covid-19 virus is still on the loose!

The importance of kids understanding how a contagion network develops, specifically SARS-CoV-2, is transcendental because the Covid-19 virus is still on the loose.

The head of the molecular microbiology department of the UNAM Faculty of Medicine, Dr. Gabriela García Pérez, made a graphic presentation for sharing with the kids, in very basic terms, how a network of infections develops the Covid-19 virus.

Through images and accompanied by the voice of the biomedical researcher, the little ones will be able to solve their doubts regarding the healthy distance, the correct use of face masks, and the fact of having to wash their hands frequently.

How a network of Covid-19 virus infections develops:

The Covid-19 virus is still on the loose, but we can learn to avoid it!

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Let us remember that at some point, we all had to stay home, but now that we are going out to school or work, we must remain vigilant and take into account what Dr. Gabriela García Pérez shares with us in the video:

It doesn’t matter if your community is big or small; it all starts the same, with a trip like Xuan’s! He, very excited, returned from visiting his grandparents and ran to his friends’ house, not knowing that he was carrying the Covid-19 virus.

Along the way, he met several people; however, not all of them were infected; why? Because some did keep a healthy distance and had their face masks on.

Luckily, Xuan put himself in the hands of Dr. Kati, who is a very responsible professional who followed all the protocols:

  • • She sent Xuan to the hospital
  • She reviewed the paths of the people Xuan had been with
  • She made a contagion tree (tracking the contagion network)
  • She determined the people who were healthy and kept them under observation
  • She isolated the infected people.

The most important thing is to remember that,

“If you take care of yourself, we all take care of ourselves”.

Dr. Gabriela García Pérez

Indeed this explanation is not only for kids; without a doubt that it is also helpful for adults because, although we know perfectly well that the Covid-19 epidemic has not ceased even though we have been fighting this virus for two years, it is not needless to continue raising awareness and, above all, being the example of the children. After all, it is from us that they will take the sample from the behaviors and habits of everyday life.

Dr. Gabriela García Pérez Photo: Courtesy Faculty of Medicine UNAM
Dr. Gabriela García Pérez Photo: Courtesy Faculty of Medicine UNAM

In addition to this presentation that Dra. Gabriela made for us; she is also the co-author of the book: COVID-19 y por qué has tenido que quedarte en casa.

Let me know if your little one, and you, have found this information helpful, and tell me if you would like us to interview Dr. Gabriela again so that she can tell us specifically about her book. I am looking forward to reading your comments on Facebook!

Translated by: Ligia M. Oliver Manrique de Lara

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