Test: Are you intuitive, or not?

Intuition is a powerful thing, more than intellect”, said American millionaire businessman Steve Jobs.

What is intuition good for? It is essential to keep us safe; it allows us to make decisions taking into account what we feel, our emotions, what moves us. It is not magic or quackery, it is a kind of radar inside us that warns us of dangers and opportunities.

Albert Einstein himself said that, “The only really valuable thing is intuition”. However, although we all have this little antenna, not all of us know how to interpret what it tells us. That is why there are techniques that help us connect with our inner voice, “the third eye”.

Intuition and chakras: the correspondence

According to Sandra Roch, better known as Panterita, the chakras and intuition are closely related, in fact, the chakras are related to every aspect of life. “The chakras are seven energy centers that bring balance to our lives.

They are distributed in our body and each of them is related to different aspects of physical, mental, emotional and spiritual health. The chakras must be balanced so that they vibrate at a high energy frequency, allowing us to have a healthy and full life.

“The sixth chakra is known as Ajna or the third eye chakra. It is located on the forehead, between the eyebrows, and it is related to our mental abilities, psychological skills, and the way we assess beliefs and attitudes. The third eye is the chakra of intuition and wisdom. It represents that sixth sense that we sometimes refer to”, explains the holistic health coach.

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Techniques to open the third eye and signs of advancement

Panterita explains that the more open the third eye is, the more power of intuition will be enjoyed. There are several techniques that we can practice to balance and open the third eye, such as:

  • Follow your intuition.
  • Meditate or emphatically visualize this chakra; imagine a key that opens it.
  • Recite mantras.
  • Deepen spiritual knowledge.
  • Practice yoga.
  • Say positive affirmations related to the opening of the third eye.
  • Improve your diet.
  • Eliminate tobacco and alcohol consumption.

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How to open the intuition or the third eye

“The ability of people to understand things instantly, without the need of reasoning, is called intuition. It is that feeling that sometimes occurs when we are aware of something without any explanation. It could be, for example, that the phone rings and you know who is calling, also when you know which direction to take without looking at a map or having gone down that road before”, says Panterita.

It is not an immediate process

The expert clarifies that it is not an immediate process, it will depend on the personal and spiritual development of each case, and it must always go hand in hand with the harmonization of the rest of the chakras.

There are various signs that the third eye is opening. For example, having very vivid dreams that we can easily remember; the fact of being able to know something before it happens; see and hear things that other people cannot; feel the emotions of other people and above all, have a sharp intuition.

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Test to determine your power of intuition

To find out how open your “third eye” is, Panterita developed a test. Through a few simple questions, we can identify how receptive our antennas are. Jot down your answers:

  • How much do you anticipate events before they happen?
    1. It always happens to me, with things related to me or with people who are close to me.
    2. Sometimes it happens to me, but it is not recurrent.
    3. Never or almost never.
  • It’s time to sleep, do you have lucid dreams? (A lucid dream is when we are aware that we are dreaming and experience the events very vividly).
    1. Yes, and then some aspects of my dreams come true in real life.
    2. Few times, but I do know what they are and it has happened to me.
    3. I have never or hardly ever had a lucid dream.
  • Do you feel that the materialistic aspect of life is not enough and you seek more spiritual knowledge?
    1. Yes, I feel the need to know more about spiritual issues to be in harmony. The daily routine no longer satisfies me.
    2. I do seek spiritual knowledge, but I still feel that my economy and earthly aspects are essential.
    3. I feel good with my routine as it is, but if I get stressed I am willing to meditate or do yoga for a few minutes.
  • Have you ever felt a pressure or a sensation of a light bulb between the eyes, at the level of the eyebrows?
    1. Yes, clearly I have had that feeling on several occasions, especially during meditation.
    2. Sometimes, but it is not very common, nor very intense.
    3. I have never felt it.
  • Have you become more sensitive to light and do you see colors more vividly?
    1. Yes, I have to lower the intensity of light on all my electronic devices because I can’t stand it.
    2. Sometimes I feel a greater sensitivity, but it does not affect me too much.
    3. I see everything normal, sometimes I have to increase the intensity of the light of my devices because I don’t see.

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“Majority of 1, it means that your third eye is in the process of opening and you have a great intuition. Trust yourself. Remember to keep balance with the rest of your chakras to continue on the path of your spiritual development. Congratulations! Do not abandon your purpose of light”, says the expert.


“If the majority were option 2, you’re on the right track, keep it up. Clearly you intend to strengthen your inner power, and with the right guidance your third eye will begin to open, so I recommend the Cleansing and Balancing your 7 Chakras course, to achieve the remaining inner balance”.


“Most of your answers were option 3… you have a great opportunity to balance your third eye chakra, but it takes a lot of spiritual work. It is never too late to be interested in issues of inner growth and strengthening, and this will not only bring you spiritual benefits, but also material abundance and harmony. Start today”, recommends Panterita.

Translated by: Ligia M. Oliver Manrique de Lara

Spanish version: Here

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