How to make face paint for children: easily and it does not irritate their skin

Bwahahaha. The terrifying days of Halloween and Day of the Dead are just around the corner. Your kids are ready to demand their spooky costume and makeup. The problem is that commercial fantasy face paints dry out the skin, so we came up with a homemade recipe to make your own paint face for children, suitable for their sensitive little faces.

Face paint for Halloween and Day of the Dead

Recipe to make the base:

  • Use a thick face cream, baby chafing cream, or lassar’s paste.
  • Mix with one or two teaspoons of talcum powder or corn flour (cornstarch).
  • Add natural food coloring, the colors you will need.
  • Stir well. If it’s too thick, you can add a little water.

If you don’t want to use artificial coloring, you can use natural ingredients to color it or just leave it white.

  • Orange: Use saffron (turmeric powder)
  • Pink or red: Beet (dilute with a little more cream to achieve the desired shade)
  • Green: Avocado or spinach juice.
  • Black: Activated Carbon
  • Purple: Cranberry or Blackberry Juice
  • Brown: Instant coffee

Let your paint sit for 5-10 minutes before applying it. Remember that its use is immediate, do not save it for another day because it does not contain preservatives and it rots. If you want a shiny look, apply a little baby oil, otherwise leave it matte.

How to make fake blood

Mix honey with red and blue food coloring.

Add a splash of milk to give it a whitish hue.

How to paint the face as if it were “dirty”.

Burn a cork and let it cool. Then use it to “blacken” the face.

Basic care before applying face paint

While natural ingredients are safe for most children, it’s always best to make sure they don’t cause allergies. Obviously, if you know that your little one has a reaction to a certain ingredient, do not use it, or try it a day before by putting a little paint on his hand and check that the skin does not become irritated.

The day you apply the paint, clean the face of your girl or boy. Apply a moisturizer first and do not let the child wear makeup for more than 6 hours.

When you remove it, use a make-up remover, let it sit for a few minutes to make it easier to remove. Do not scrub because it can irritate your little one’s skin. If he still has traces of paint, use a damp cloth.

The last step is to have fun. Bwahahaha!

Here are some YouTube tutorials that can help you:

Spanish version here

Translated by: Ligia M. Oliver Manrique de Lara

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