7 ideas to reveal your baby’s gender

Boy or girl?

Although the sex of the baby won’t determine his personality or his preferences, there is still the illusion of knowing what it will be before it is born.

And so be able to name it, plan purchases, decorate spaces and even imagine scenarios.

To share this illusion with our closest people, there are very funny and appropriate dynamics to reveal the great news in these times of healthy distance.

If you want to organize something in a garden, you could use:

A piñata

  • The most Mexican of the traditions can divinely serve to the purpose of making known your baby’s gender.
  • You just have to get a neutral piñata (white or in a question mark shape) and fill it with confetti and small balloons or balls with the color appropriate to the ad you want to make.
  • This type of piñatas do not usually break hitting them with a stick, they open rather pulling shoelaces, like those made for babies, and ideally mom and dad pull the laces at the same time, in front of all the guests.

Box full of helium balloons

  • Just as cute as the idea before mentioned, in terms of a visual show, this idea is similar to that of the piñata but in this case, the box is on the floor and, when parents open it, the balloons of the corresponding color gender will fly away.
  • You can also have the same balloons raising a sign that says “It’s a boy”, “It’s a girl” or the name you’ve chosen for the baby

Pop a giant balloon

  • This is about getting an opaque balloon (usually black) that has pink or blue confetti inside.
  • A variant of this option that involves more guests (since in the original idea only the parents of the baby blow up the balloon) is to make a board with several small balloons where only one is filled.
  • The guests take turns blowing up the balloons until someone finds the one who has the surprise.

Reveal the gender by videoconference

Shoot a video

  • What if you record yourself together for the others?
  • The first and most moving idea is to record the moment the doctor reveals you the gender at the 20-week structural ultrasound appointment.
  • So, everyone will share the emotion as if they had been there. However, you can also be recorded doing some of the above ideas in the garden.

Scraping cards

  • A super fun idea is to create cards that reveal the gender written and hidden by a layer of paint that guests will have to scrape all at the same time.
  • To make those cards you just need to have them printed anywhere and then, cover the part of the surprise with a mixture of ¼ teaspoon of liquid soap per ½ of acrylic paint of the color of your choice.
  • Let them dry and send them to your guests at the virtual event, for everyone to discover the gender of the baby at the same time.

Filled cupcakes

  • Bake or buy cupcakes with the color of your baby’s gender in their center.
  • Just like the cards, send them to your guests and arrange for everyone to take the first bite together to discover the surprise in a very sweet way.

The secret box

  • This option is the most exciting, but it means more suspense for you.
  • It’s about bringing a box the day of your structural ultrasound, asking the doctor to write down the gender of the baby on a piece of paper without telling you and putting it in a box that will be sealed and won’t be opened until the live event.
It is certainly the best way to share the excitement at the same time!
Which one would you prefer? And it doesn’t matter if it’s a boy or a girl, it is a human being that will fulfill your heart with love.

Translated by: Ligia M. Oliver Manrique de Lara

Spanish version: Here

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