Neutral names for your baby

The choice of a name for our baby is one of the first decisions we must make as parents. In order to avoid gender stereotypes, more and more parents are looking for neutral names for their baby.

Even celebrities have chosen to call their babies with names that can be used indistinctly for either girls or boys. If you haven’t decided yet on any, we leave you this list of names that range from the most common like Guadalupe, to those that have an English or French origin.

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Neutral names: Letters A-J

Alex: Short form for Alexander or Alexandra. Its origin is Greek and means “Defender, The defender”.

Aike: It means “Sword”, and it comes from the Frisian, that is, from the villages that settled in northern Germany.

Akira: It is Japanese, its meaning is “Clear”, “Brilliant”.

Aran: It means “Valley”, its origin is Basque.

Ariel: Hebrew origin, its meaning is “Lion of God”.

Asunción: It means “to assume, to attract”, it is of Latin origin.

Azul: Like the color, it refers to stability or tranquility.

Cruz: It comes from Latin Crux and is closely related to the Bible.

Dani: It is associated with experience and wisdom.

Denis: It means “The one who doesn’t lose faith in God”, its origin is French.

Francis: Arising from Francisco or Francisca, it means “Free person”.

Fénix: In Greek mythology is the bird that is reborn from its ashes.

Guadalupe: It has several origins. One of them is related to the Virgin of Guadalupe and the root of the Nahuatl word “Coatlallope”, which means “The one that crushes the snake”. Although etymologically, it comes from the Arab wad-al-luben which means “River of black stones” or “River of love”.

Harper: It is of Anglo-Saxon origin and means “The one who plays the harp”.

Joss: It comes from the German name Josse, it means “Champion”.

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Neutral names: Letters K-Z

Kin: Japanese name to represent ‘golden color’.

Lamar: Arising from old French “La mare“, which means “The sea”.

Luan: Biblical name, it means “Uprising”.

Marlon: It means “Tiny hawk”, it is French.

Mel: It comes from Latin, it means “Honey in the field”.

Milán: Its origin is Hindu, it means “Union”.

Morgan: It means “Brilliant ocean”, it’s of Welsh origin.

Naim: Its meaning is “A very beautiful person”, it is of Arabic origin.

Nilam: Means “Blue gem”.

Neftalí: Biblical character known as “The Fighter”.

Paris: In Greek mythology it means “The protector of man”.

René: It means “The reborn”, it is French.

Robin: It is of English origin, it means “Illustrious”.

Sidney: It means “Wide prairie”, it is of Anglo-Saxon origin.

Sasha: Of Greek and Russian origin, it means “Defender of humanity” and “Warrior”.

Yael: It means “Force of God”, it is of Greek origin.

Zoel: Means “Son of Babel”, comes from Hebrew.

Translated by: Ligia M. Oliver Manrique de Lara

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